Where am I in life?

Love: I am in a pretty good place. I really love my husband and feel pretty much loved by him. I feel loved by my family and friends.

Intimacy: We are very intimate me and my partner. I am pregnant now, so maybe not sexually. But I think I am in pretty good in this aspect.

Health: I am healthy, with my vegan diet, I would want to lose some extra pounds. But overall I am very satisfied with my health.

Career: This is the point that makes me very sad. It is true that I started well, and I have tried many things, but I ended up now close to have no career, and losing time that could have been accumulated as career. I worked in public, private, non-profit, freelance, full-time, low-salary, high salary…. But now I am broke with debts and no official careers en vue. Plus I am pregnant, I don’t know how much this will help.

Family: My parents are great,  just the overall family going through some challenging times, but hopefully it will end soon! Me and my partner are doing our own family now :). So from this part I am very happy.

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