It is around 11:15 am…


It is around 11:15 am, I am watching television while feeling very hungry even after eating a bowl of cereal a sandwich of thyme and sesame and a piece of cake….. still hungry.

I could eat another big piece of cake and feel guilty again since I am gaining weight.

The question is:

  • When will I find a job and set my feet in a real career?
  • Is it because I took bad decisions that I am here?
  • Will I ever be successful?
  • Will being successful make me happy?
  • Staying at home will make me happy?
  • Is being anxious a good thing?
  • Will it make things happen?

Watching as well a movie, The incredible Burt Wonderstone….I need to prepare for my class this afternoon. Basic things but sometimes I don’t really know what is the answer. I forgot everything that I have learned.

Am I a failure? Well no conclusions can be taken now.

Yours truthfully.

Sophia Perdida

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