It is around 11:15 am…


It is around 11:15 am, I am watching television while feeling very hungry even after eating a bowl of cereal a sandwich of thyme and sesame and a piece of cake….. still hungry.

I could eat another big piece of cake and feel guilty again since I am gaining weight.

The question is:

  • When will I find a job and set my feet in a real career?
  • Is it because I took bad decisions that I am here?
  • Will I ever be successful?
  • Will being successful make me happy?
  • Staying at home will make me happy?
  • Is being anxious a good thing?
  • Will it make things happen?

Watching as well a movie, The incredible Burt Wonderstone….I need to prepare for my class this afternoon. Basic things but sometimes I don’t really know what is the answer. I forgot everything that I have learned.

Am I a failure? Well no conclusions can be taken now.

Yours truthfully.

Sophia Perdida

Behind Eating Meat or not

Hi everyone, meat eater or not….or simply hi to myself.

I have tried many times before to stop eating meat and I always ended up re-collapsing….until a couple months ago, I started with more conviction  and it has been around 10 months meat free!

I feel better and more aligned with my true nature. I kind of feel a balance between my head, my heart and my guts.

I am still however eating dairy products. I don’t drink mild, but I do eat cheese.

I don’t eat chicken but I still eat eggs.

I will try little by little to decrease my consumption.

In any case, one thing I don’t like is when people feel it has to be an extreme or another. You can be completely Vegan and still ride a big 4×4. Maybe because you like something a lot you try to lower your footprint from another place to make your balance at the end acceptable.

The point is to feel a bit responsible. My brother feels no responsibility at all. like ok it is not affecting me, I will continue whatever I want to do. The truth is that it affects him a lot: directly or indirectly we are all connected. Butterfly effect, oneness or whatever you want to call it, rather we like it or not we are all connected. We can be more or less apart from the rest of the world but eventually it will get to us.

A legend that I always liked to hear and say: ”La légende du Colibri”, ”The legend of the humming-bird”: One day there was a big fire in the forest, all the animals of the neighboring forest were sad and alarmed but none of them did anything; however you could see up in the sky the humming bird with a small bucket of water going forth and forward to try and extinguish the fire. The bear looked at him laughing: my dear friend, you are so naive, you think that you will be able to stop this fire with your small amounts of water. The humming-bird replied: No my friend, but at least I am doing my part.

If we all did our parts, things would be solved more quickly. If we acted instead of saying that nothing can be changed. Things could actually change.

One thing that I am understanding  more and more with time, since I was pretty much spoiled, is that we don’t only have rights, we have duties as well. The better we do our duties, the more we deserve our rights.

But in the end, there will always be a yin and a yang, good and evil, end and start and eventually: ”Il faut de tout pour faire un monde”.

Yours Truly,

Sophia Perdida