Babies Babies Babies

Recently I HAVE BEEN OBSESSED WITH THIS SUBJECT. Like thinking about it all the time. I really feel ready for it.

However; I still don’t have a career. A stable job, a stable income.

I was thinking about doing  a training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Start working from home or open my institute. That would be really nice.

Point is I should really find something before I get pregnant or it would be a bit too late!

I will do more research and see what will come up.

Yours faithfully.

Sophia Perdida

Building your future and making money

When I was a kid I was always asked, ”what do you want to do when you grow up”. Well here I am all grown-up, even ready to make babies, and I still don’t know what I want to do or at least how am I going to make money (sustainability).

Ideas come and go. And again it is with the how? when? with who? with what? Am I capable of it? Do I have the motivation for it? Does it make sense? Am I fighting against the current?
Should I wait for another feeling? or am I overrating the whole process? Does the hard effort come first? or the motivation?
What I mean, does my motivation and inspiration will really lead me to start with the effort? or the effort alone is enough to do anything.

One year before my 30s. No savings, no effective plan. Only one is that I have to try and have babies soon if I want to have babies at all because of my medical condition.


Yours Truthfully.

Sophia Perdida