Eating Cereals and Thinking about THE END.

Here I am, sitting and eating, going through another day of unemployment and thinking about when all of this will end (my death). I know I am not the only one that thinks about these subjects but does not make it less interesting or intriguing. I mean we are all locked up in this sort of brainwashing factory where we are supposed to be the fittest and reproduce and eat and work and reproduce. Even when we want to make more of our life: travel, have different experiences, engage in new challenges etc… ok yes our life makes more sense more worth to be lived blablabla. But those places that you visited those people that you loved have no sense at all once you are dead. NOTHING. They say your memory stays or your acts or whatever.

I am not finding my words easily but the point is, that you spend your life taking care and loving certain persons but in the end we will all die and this relation wouldn’t even matter.

I mean, who is behind this fucked up system! and reading all these books about living in the moment and getting detached or persons and things… like ok well I love youuu but you and me are just matter, so let’s not overate each other and stayyy nummmbbb.

Anyway, finished my bowl of cereal with Soja, will try to think less for the moment. As one thing is for sure. Thinking is useless.

Yours Faithfully.