Eating Pomegranate and thinking about Marriage

I am sitting here eating pomegranate as part of my detox diet for this week. Yes doing detox after  I went a bit too far from my discipline goals and objectives.

But it is fine here I go again. While cutting the pomegranate (buff I make a mistake every time I type it) I was thinking about my university classes; where our beautiful teacher explained to us that one fruit can be made of many flowers. I think the pomegranate is one of those fruits that have so many flowers. Might sound boring for you but me I find it amazing!

Marriage…what is this thing that we are brainwashed into since we are kid, I mean not really brainwashed, it is like school, university blablabla, bureaucratic papers and events of this life.

Well my current partner and I are thinking about getting married. Although we are both on the same page, we have different cultural background and most importantly ….he has been married before so he sees this marriage as just an institutional event that we have to pass through,  I see it like an important step in my life that I want to celebrate.

We discussed about it yesterday, all he could say is what he did not want.. this was a bit frustrating. So the conversation ended.

I can understand his situation, but it is making me wonder about life in general. I mean if we have to be grown ups and serious all the time and detached, where is the fun? where are the emotions ?

Negotiations are still ongoing.. and I am still filling my hands with red juice from the pomegranate. I should probably think about going to work too…

About diet and healthy life, I am up to the challenge again, I gained 3 kilos in 17 days, this is sad but not a catastrophe. Let’s do it again ! Detox week and then back to the gym!




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