Missed you

Hi little website, I have missed you, even though it has been just a couple of days. I am trying to keep my motivation up!  Been serious about gym and food.

Still having problems focusing to finish the work I have to do. But I will start on it just right now… Bye bye


Day One 18 December 2015

This is my first day with positive energy, positive mood, and active.

I woke up, did not really go to work but went to buy gifts. Finished some pending things, and now I am in a coffee shop/ restaurant writing to you.

I will go later to the gym, but for now I will focus on the work I have to finish before the holidays and my vacation.

Hunger is fine, it is fine to be hungry.

Another thing is that the week end is here and there might be some situation that will ”declenche” jealousy. I will remember to observe and not let any place to fear.


New Start

Hi, since I opened this blog, I was a bit negative in my previous posts, like some kind of chaotic lost energy. I had some problems with the person I am currently sharing my life with. Jealousy problems, it is true that he does not have the most conventional traditional work in the world but also I don’t want it to affect me.

I am a very highly sensitive person, and through the past years because of my insecurities my uncertainties in life ( I already changed 2 jobs in 2 years, I am in a third one that I don’t really adore) I feel that I am drained with no hopes and no energy, left with negative thoughts and bad energy.

Anyway getting back to my initial subject, so I had a big fight with him and I wanted to break up, and accusing him of him being the cause.

Then when my body calmed down I realized that I have many issues….

Adding to that, i am  completely lost….

So all of this was a wake up call to me. So starting this day this time this moment, things will change. What the most important thing to me now is to work on my physical appearance and lose weight get toned and more healthy more confident. At the same time I will give my best in my current work, but I will also start taking courses and develop some skills to find the job that I wish to have.

My posts from now on will describe my journey towards happiness.

No Energy

I want to become something in my life, I want to be successful, I want to make money I want to have a nice life, but….I never have the energy required to do so…

I always complain, and even if I have an idea I don’t have the energy to apply it and work for it… always lost and depressive and unmotivated.


What do you do?

What do you do when you are really really lost? And every time you feel you are lost you also feel that the clock is ticking and you have no time anymore to be lost?

Yes you know, life is HERE AND NOW, that you should enjoy the ride not the destination, etc.. etc… Ok you know that.. how and what do you have to do  to feel it? I am sure some of you might feel the same….